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The Referendum Day Puzzle

On 23 June 2016, the day of the European Union Referendum in the UK, Alan Connor published a blog post on the Guardian’s website containing what appeared to be a normal cryptic puzzle, set by Boatman and Crew. You’d have quickly realised, though, that something strange was happening, as the preamble stated “1,5,17,9 will be […]

1 Across Clueing Competition – Solutions

Here are the solutions to my three sample entries to the 1 Across clueing competition – I hope you didn’t cheat …   Perhaps Chamber’s & Co rather upset? (9) ORCHESTRA Maniac reveals male organ for Doc (3,6) ONE ACROSS Puzzling statement is to be expected at start of article (our editor’s, reportedly) (7) PARADOX […]

1 Across Clueing Competition – Clues

1 Across magazine used to run a monthly clueing competition. Before I became a proper compiler, I used to enter and, from time to time, win. Here, for your entertainment, are just a few of my entries. To enjoy the clues, you’ll need to know that the editor at the time was Tom Johnson, who […]

Bonus Downloads

Here are a few older puzzles for you to download from my 1 Across archive. You’ll notice how the themes differ from my work for the Guardian – I’ll be interested to hear what you think of them. Boys & Girls Proverb Where Are The Boatmen? A Well-Known Pair Salty Tales Merry Christmas 2004

What Else Do I Do?

During the day, I indulge an annoyingly tempting ability to make a living from financial analysis – you can see my professional website by clicking here – and in my free time I may be found cycling with the Sussex Nomads or playing music. I play something approximating jazz piano and organ, and have been […]


I don’t remember being precociously wordy as a child, though I do remember playing word games with my parents and looking at the Saturday Telegraph crossword in the back of their car during tedious hours of shopping. I used to get two or three clues, I think, and then give up – one stuck in […]

Early History

I was born in Lancashire, and I tell people that I kept moving South (showing either persistence or lack of imagination) until I reached the Channel and had to stop—which made a lot more sense when I lived on my boat in Brighton Marina, so I really did live in the Channel. I spent most […]